​Uncle Earl

​"Green" may be the last book in the "Wild" series for a while because Theo wants to tell you about his wacky desert road trip when a beautiful nutjob's car broke down on Theo's way back home from Las Vegas.

"I'm a big fan of Clive Cussler, Neil Simon, and James Michener. Not surprisingly, my writing style (to me, at least) reads like a combination of the three: Technology Action-Adventure that's interspersed with comedy and fictionalized (but true) history. Enjoy."

​​​Hawaiian Rainbow of Wild!

     As a writer for all media, my articles have been published in many newspapers and magazines, including "Car and Driver" and "Motor Trend". I've sold 30+ television scripts, written and produced a score of commercials and infomercials, and optioned two motion picture scripts. And I sometimes send an amusing text to my wife.

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Earl Trout novels combine mystery, romance and techno-thriller action with laugh aloud comedy and Reaganesque conservatism. (Imagine Ann Coulter starring in a Clive Cussler novel.)

Warning: Liberals may become annoyed.

Wild Blue: Saving the World with Duct Tape and WD-40 is the first in the series.

     All hail breaks loose when a goof-off electronic genius accidentally creates a weather-controlling device and a religious cult seizes it for use as the ultimate weapon of mass destruction.

Wild Copper: Saving Humanity at the Masked Ball ... the second in the series.

After his lab explodes,

Dr. Weksler purchases an old

mansion whose bottled-up secrets

lead to Bugsy Siegel’s first resort (the

one he created before Las Vegas). Kev

conscripts his reluctant buddies into a

Tesla-inspired plan to deliver cheap

energy world-wide, a dream not

shared by grease gangsters.

Wild Green: Honeymoon ... Episode three.

How did that extremely well-armed South American cartel sneak onto the Hawaiian cruise ship? And why are they speaking Farsi?

     Author Earl Trout has been working in mass media ever since he became a rock ‘n’ roll radio disk-jockey on his little home-town radio station at age 15. He had to walk to the studios because he was too young to drive.

     His laugh-out-loud writing in high school and college newspaper columns translated well into broadcasting and he quickly became a successful major-market radio personality, followed by managing five major-market radio stations. About three dozen of his television scripts have been produced, he's written on assignment for major magazines, and his novel, Wild Blue, is based on a screenplay he wrote which came ---that close!--- to being produced with some very major movie stars.

     Prior to retirement, Earl was Executive Director of the Kansas City Automotive Museum. He's been a guest lecturer at more than a dozen universities and colleges, holds a Church of the Nazarene local minister’s license, and loves road trips, playing golf, cards, and board games with his best friend, Dianne, who also happens to be his wife. 

Aloha from EarlTrout.com, the official home of the Earl Trout novels, Wild Blue, Wild Copper, and Wild Green which infuse romance novels and mystery novels with techno-thriller action and romantic comedy.

"I've been a car freak since I was old enough to notice that a Lincoln had been customized (age 5). Guess I had pretty good taste because if I still owned all those cars I owned as a young man, I'd be one rich dude!"